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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Odd-eyed cat Pictures

White Persian Kittens - The Solid Breed

Over the millennia, cats have been worshipped as gods and persecuted as demons. With all the mystery and charm, cats have fascinated mankind for thousands of years.The origin of Persian cats vary-- from manuscripts and drawings as early as 1684 BC to the first documented findings of the longhaired cats. The year was 1620 in Persia- now Iran, Pietro della Valle who is an Italian traveler and writer was astonished on his discovery of remarkable gray longhairs, writing in his journals on his find. Behold the first written record of Persian cats! This disclosure started the rule of the furry fellows on the show halls of the cat fancy....

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Oriental Longhair Cat

Oriental Longhair is a long and slender cat quite similar to the Siamese in its body structure. It is also known as British Angora. First recognition of this feline was in the late nineteenth century when it was found to be distinct from the Persian in its coat and physique. This recognition did not last long and it was only in the nineteen sixties that breeders in United Kingdom started developing this cat in earnest. It was named British Angora to distinguish it from Turkish Angora, a separate breed, and it was only recently, in 2002, that British cat fancies named it as the Oriental Longhair.

A lithe and tubular body is the hallmark of this svelte but muscular cat. Coat is silky and long though single layered. It occurs in a variety of colors and patterns including apricot, blue, black, chocolate, cinnamon, fawn, lilac, red, tipped and tabby. Head is wedge shaped and the almond shaped eyes are usually green to blue in coloration. Odd-eyed cats are often seen as well. Ears are large and pointed. Legs are long and so is the bushy tail.

Though Oriental Longhairs are generally quite healthy there have been cases of liver and heart disorders in them. These include hepatic amyloidosis and dilated cardiomyopathy in some lines. There is also a somewhat increased incidence of dental disorders including plaque buildup and gum inflammation. On the whole though these elegant cats are healthy and live for over fifteen years in an indoor environment.

Intelligent and playful by nature, Oriental Longhairs are very active cats. They can be mischievous and demanding at times and are quite inquisitive. Like their relative Siamese cats, the British Angoras are very vocal and expressive. Their fondness for high places is also famous. Even with their active lifestyles these felines take time to develop close attachments to their humans whom they will follow around everywhere....

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Persian Cats: A Breed of Many Colors Part 1

The "Rolls Royce" of the cat world is the Silver Persian. Its look is timeless and very elegant. The Silver Persian has always been known as regal and exquisite in appearance. The elegant Golden Persian is a pretty close runner up to the Silver. To some, it is the most beautiful of all. A lot of Persian cat breeders learn it is more productive to specialize, and almost always, the top winners of each generation come from catteries that breed the silver and golden Persians.Chinnie, silver Persian, born in 1882 in England is the earliest documentation of silvers. To date, no pictures of her have been found, however, historians have found one picture of her famous grandson, "Silver Lambkin." Today, we can trace back to Lambkin in some pedigrees. It is unfortunate that there was little record keeping in the early days, so there is not much in writing to tell us about those days. Of course as time went on, people started to pay more attention to record keeping.Silver Persian...

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