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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Domestic shorthaired cat Pictures

From Domestic Shorthair to American Shorthair

It is not just towns and businesses that change names. In 1966, cat fanciers witnessed a different type of name change: in a breed of cats. What was then known as the domestic shorthair breed of cats had its name changed to American shorthair; a name which has since stuck, so that if you talked about the 'domestic shorthair' in cat fanciers' circles, then nobody might understand what you are actually talking about.The cat breed in question is one of the most remarkable breeds of cats, and it is no wonder that the Americans would want it to be associated with them....

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Find Cat Breed Information And Information On Shorthair Cats

A cat is a small felid mammal that has been domesticated for several years. The word cat most usually means a domestic or house cat, even though people used to refer this as member of a feline family. For instance, people often refer tigers, lions, and jaguars as the large cats.

Domestic cats hailed from the inherited wild species such as Felis silvestris, the African and European wild cat. In recent times, people consider a domestic cat as a separate species and call Felis Catus.

While looking at the appearance of domestic cats, they are same as their wild relatives. Even many behaviors such as hunting down and other routine activities remain to be as same as their inherited form. The first ever domestication of cats took place in Egypt.

In 4000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians domesticated cats to protect their grain stores from rats and mice. They considered cats as goddess Bast's avatars. If any person killed cats, he/she would be given death penalty. At times, when domestic cats died, individuals arranged for mummification as similar to human....

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How to Choose Your Domestic Short Hair Cat

Short haired cats are by far the most popular cat in the United States. It is not regarded as a show cat, but its popularity is beyond doubt. Short hair cats account for around ninety five percent of all domestic cats, so the style is clearly popular for one reason or another. It might be what we term an "everyday" cat History Of The Domestic Short Hair CatCats were transported from England during the times of English colonial domination, to control rat infestations in the colonies. Today's domestic short hairs are descendants of those working cats. They had no defined parentage and subsequently became known as domestic short hairs. Diversity Of The Domestic Short HairsThere is a large number of Short hair cats all of which vary in color, style and, certainly, personality. Their owners will tell you that this diversity is what makes them so adored as house cats. The domestic short hair has almost eighty different types of recognized color patterns.Domestic shor...

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