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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maltese cat Pictures

Is it Safe to Have Pet Rats and a Cat in the Same House?

A question I get asked a lot is whether it is possible for those who already own a cat to adopt pet rats. There are a number of factors to consider before making this decision. Whilst there are those few people who say that their cat poses no threat to their rodent pals and happily post pics of their cat and rat getting along well this is a very rare case and should not be treated as the norm.I should point out at this stage that I live with my 2 pets rats, Pea and Mingles, my dog, Charlie, a Maltese x Shitzu and my cat, Dylan, a Ragdoll x Persian. All of my animals are rescues and they are all wonderful in different ways. However despite his Ragdoll bloodline, Dylan most definitely has the hunting instinct and I would never let the rats run around out of the rat cage whilst he is in the room. It is important to remember that even if you choose a gentle breed like a pure Ragdoll cat and have them from a kitten, they should still never be left out with your pet rats....

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Grooming your Maltese Toy Dog

Maltese dogs are not only beautiful but are lovable and kind natured dogs. As a member of the toy breed, they are small in stature and don't get much bigger than 6 pounds. Most of their bulk comes in the form of thick white hair. Their coats hang long, flat and silky over the sides of the body and skim the ground.
Taking care of the Maltese coat is the most important part of grooming the breed. Maltese should be brushed and combed a minimum of every other day. Daily brushing, however, is recommended if you want to keep their coat healthy.
The best brush to use is an open-spaced pin brush. Avoid brushes with "balls" on the pins. Start by lifting up the top layer of hair, spray a light coat of water or a leave in conditioner and brush the bottom half of the coat free. Continue until that layer is tangle-free all the way to the skin and then work up to the top layer of hair. Always make sure to brush the dog's underbelly to prevent matting.
If your Maltese does develop mats, try to work it out gently at first with your fingers. Trying to brush it out first may result in hair loss. You can also try spraying the mat with de-tangler or a coat conditioning oil to loosen the hair....

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FURminator Vs FurBuster: Which Deshedding Tool Will work Most effective?

my cat hates itas well a lot hair comes offConclusion <em>Each designs have their merits.</em> If you're a manufacturer-buyer, you'll in all probability go for the established model, the FURminator. If price tag is a crucial driver for you, then the FurBuster could possibly be fantastic. Possibly way, each equipment do a excellent occupation in finding shed or dropped hair off your animal ahead of it gets all about you and your property. With an investment in capital and the time to do the grooming, you can be just about fur-no cost.FURminator prosincredibly efficientsimple to useperforms perfectlyoriginal productwell established corporationguaranteedFURminator conslarge priceFurBuster...

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