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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Calico cat Pictures

Using Stories For the Unconscious Mind - Calico Cat and the Waterworks

Once upon a time, far away, there was a place called Watertown. In Watertown all the people lived on water. Everyone, including the most important people, needed water to survive during the day. There was a special person named Elmira who was responsible for getting the water during the day so all the people would have enough to drink. This would give them lots of energy during the day to carry out all their duties properly.   At night-time all the water was stored in a big tank, which had pipes coming from it to let any extra water out. If there was more water than was needed by the townspeople during the day, then Elmira could let the water out through the pipes, and it went into a special place. All of a sudden, one night while Elmira was sleeping, the valves on the pipes started to breakdown, and water began to leak out. When Elmira woke up there was water all over the place and none in the tank! There was no water left for the townspeople, and they became very upset. As much as Elmira tried to gather enough water during the day, sure enough almost every night the water would leak out of the tank, and there would be none left for the townspeople the next day....

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Calico Cats - Tricolor Beauties

Calico cats are very easy to spot. Their colorful coat of three colors is hard to miss.� Some people believe that calico is a cat breed. Others think it is a color. However, calico refers to a unique tricolor pattern. A nondiluted calico has mostly white, which is the predominant color, with distinct patches of orange (or red) and black. Some cats will have chocolate instead of black, but this is quite rare.
By contrast, a diluted calico will have a coat of white, cream, blue (sort of like a bluish gray) or cinnamon. The washed out colors are caused by the dilution gene.

But what causes this unique pattern? It's all about genetics. More specifically, the answer lies in the chromosome X, which contains the code responsible for fur coloring in cats. The Y chromosome, by contrast, contains no information associated with color. Now, a set of two X chromosomes are required to produce a calico. Male cats have a set of XY while female cats have a set of XX, so most calicos happen to be female. Though rare, you will find male calicos, which for the most part� happen to be sterile....

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The Colorpoint Shorthair Cats

Depending on the source there are additional types of Siamese Cats besides the four standard coat colors which are: Seal Point Siamese, Blue Point Siamese, Chocolate Point Siamese, and Lilac Point Siamese. Many individuals consider these additional beautiful cats as Siamese. These exotic felines, not only have the beauty of the Siamese cats, but also have the colorful personalities, and intelligence of the Siamese. These beauties are known as the ...

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